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Bar and restaurant cleaning

Bar and restaurant cleaning is no easy task. As a landlord or landlady you no doubt have a million and one things to do already. Making sure everything is as it should be and ready for when your customers come through your door. Now although cleaning is a high priority for anywhere not just bars and restaurants, now to do it properly to high standard is hard and also time consuming. im sure your thinking well why not hire someone to work for you direct?, why source and hire an outside company. Well we can guarantee that the work we do is to a high standard and we will do the cleaning to the time frame that we agree. So you wont need to pay more then you have to. Were reliable and budget friendly also the biggest saving to you is your time paying wages working out hourly rates etc. but most of all there is no cost of cleaning products or you to uphold and make sure you have in so we can do our job properly we supply the equipment meaning we will always have the correct supplies with us every time and that’s a guarantee!!! so give us a call let us set up a meeting and come to an arrangement that were both happy with, whether it be for daily weekly or even monthly clean were here to do the jobs you hate or don’t have time for. Ask for either Les for Katie, to book an appointment for a quotation and an in depth check list that we decide between our companies. We are fully insured and able to meet any requirement you might have to ensure smooth running for yourself and business so don’t hesitate to call us at Grime To Shine on 07707278404

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